so i think chicken pox has struck... to be honest i only remember it from childhood, and i only remember the scabby bit, not the bit leading up to that which is why perhaps i didn't even realise that Stanley had chicken pox?! at first they just looked like insect bits and as they came out pretty much as soon as the hot weather struck i really though that's all they were. in fact i went around telling people they were only insect bits for about 3 days. it was only when my next door neighbour questioned them (she's a more experienced mum and nurse!) that i thought oh dear, perhaps not. this was however after having just been to meet a friend with twins and play in the park. oops, bad mummy. so i managed probably to infect half my town in just a few hours.... i then had to ring round everyone we played with in the last week to tell them the bad news. not fun explaining how silly i'd been not noticing something like that on my child.... how do you really tell though? i think because it co-encided with the heat i put everything down to that. clearly when he had a temperature, i again thought he was just hot. poor child has battled through the pox without a single bit of medicine! tough little mister!

as you can see from these photos i took just before bedtime (hence the no cloth nappy...) he really doesn't seem to have been badly affected by it. he hardly has any spots and the ones that are there are scabbing over nicely. and so far not too many more have come out. just hoping this little bout gives his body the defence it needs from future pox attacks!

ON ANOTHER NOTE: this probably doesn't mean much to you. but i've enjoyed being on the top baby blogs thing. i think i've got some new readers which is nice. (hello!) and so they have re-set the counter on it which is actually good for me to try and get up the ranks a teeny tiny bit before all the blogs with thousands of readers get there ;) so if you could spare a minute and click to vote that'd be great. you don't have to sign up to anything to vote. just two clicks and it's done. top left button. thanks so much i really appreciate it. of course, you only have to vote if you actually like what is here...but i hope you do. daily voting of course please. ok, ok, now i'm pushing it i know.....but hey. you don't ask, you don't get, right?!


  1. aww he looks so cheery to say hes got chicken pox bless him :) x hello back at you, im a new reader/follower :) x

    1. hello! glad you are new and that you have stayed!

  2. Not to be scary, but sometimes if a child gets Chicken Pox very lightly as a young child they can get them again as an adult or teenager when the disease is much more dangerous. I'm not sure what your feelings are on the Chicken Pox vaccine, but if Stanley doesn't get them again before middle school, maybe consider getting him blood tested to see if he's truly immune?

  3. not at all scary - it is a good point. i did wonder about this. i am grateful it wasn't bad but then i was thinking perhaps it is not strong enough for him to develop his immune system. thanks for your advice i will look into the blood test option.

  4. Such a gorgeous little guy! The best thing about the TBB community (we are a new blog on there this week) is not only being found but also finding great gems of the blogging world like you Sarah! Your blog, your boy and your illustrations are all beautiful! :) Very glad to have found you.

    Inked in Colour.

    1. Thank you so much, very kind words. I've just spent time getting 'lost' in your blog! I love reading about other mums and how they do it all over the world. The place you live is fascinating and your little Bo is lovely. I'll be stopping by whenever i get a free moment....
      All best wishes :)


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