recently in this nice weather myself and a friend decided to visit wakehurst place in sussex. my friend has a national trust membership which is very handy and means we can visit lovely places without it adding up too much cost wise! it was a beautiful place to walk around with the kiddos, they enjoyed the fresh air and a quick picnic. i think we'll be coming back soon to sample the amazing looking cake on offer and see the plants in full summer bloom.

i'm still waiting for stanley to be able to walk really. he can do it, but it isn't his 'preferred' method of travel. so although i know i'll be cursing when i'm chasing him all over the place i really am looking forward to him being able to explore things at his pace. he is definitely becoming more frustrated with not being able to get where he wants, and being strapped into the buggy also only entertains him when we are moving along. he's 15 months tomorrow. and although i know each baby does things at their own pace, and i shouldn't compare, he is later than most i know. hopefully soon enough!!

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