a while ago we bought this wooden rocking horse for stanley for cheap from a flea market. i liked it, but was never in love with it and always thought it needed something more. it's face always bothered me, especially the naff boggly eyes, like it lacked character or something... well this amazing bit of sunshine inspired me go outside and give it the paint job it deserved!

so in the end we went from this:

to nicely sanded and ready for paint.

i chose these colours from fired earth and

did some design research.

in one afternoon i had achieved this...

i then gave a spray with some varnish as the paint is quite chalky and i didn't want it to rub off with use. i think stanley approves too!

inspired by the presto, change-o! post on frecklewonder


  1. Wow that looks amazing! What a great job! It's great to be able to personalise these sorts of things x

  2. I love this so much. Good work!

  3. That is wonderful good vision... and good to have the little mans approval too!

  4. Lovely revamp Sarah! I think Stanley's grin says it all.
    You should send your post to Design Sponge for their before and after section!

  5. @emily. thanks! i might just do that....

  6. wow, what a fantastic rocking horse! your little boy is absolutely adorable too:)

  7. you officially have a new fan! TOTES on the horsey !


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