It's always nice to be sent an email to say you've won something...especially when its children that have voted! recently i received an email to say that my book had been selected for the 'Early Years Category' at a big event at Didsbury Road Primary school. two hundred children had a selection of books to vote for and Mrs Muffly's Monster won my category! they have a huge school book day event where messages from the authors and illustrators are read out in assembly so i sent them this huge picture as a thank you message....

so much fun drawing on a large scale! and it's going to be framed to hang in the school - hoorah!

talking of votes ;)
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  1. Hey Sarah,

    This is lovely. Always nice to see a stonking big black and white pic. They will love it!


  2. Well done Sarah! Lovely drawing - Great way to brighten up a dreary assembly too!


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