we had a new cooker delivered to replace the very odd one we inherited with the house. which although i loved, (it was a beautiful retro smeg one) it didn't work for toffee. you had to heat it up for an age before using it and cook everything for about twice as long in it. now we have a more efficient shiny new one. so exciting... what was more exciting was the huge box it came in. i had been dealing with a very ill stanley for the past few weeks and finally saw the doctors who gave him some amoxicillin which seemed to make him worse before better. anyway the four walls of the house and having to be with just me and day long was making him grumpier than normal. cabin fever for all. thank gawd then for this box. a couple of well cut holes and VOILA! a happy baby!


  1. Genius, love it! Simple pleasures.

  2. These pictures are so cute, his little face peeking out. Amazing what joy a cardboard box can bring!


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