ok so a long while back i said yes to this job for the cbeebies channel. it finally aired on monday evening. it was a shame as me and stanley missed it. not that i suppose he'd care much that his mummy's work was on tv. but, hey,i'd have liked to have watched it with him. we will watch it again on catch up i'm sure...and hopefully he'll enjoy it at some point in his life!
now it is aired i can put it up here on my blog. it is perhaps not my finest work. (stanley was 8 weeks at the time. i'm not sure why i said yes to the work. i think it was the freelancer fear. you must say yes to all jobs. for gawds sake don't say you've had a baby, they'll think you are incapable and you'll never work again!) 
it was a nice job though in the end. because it is for tv and not to be printed, the turnaround was quick. so i worked on the computer scanning in my work which i don't normally do. but this time breast feeding a tiny baby in tow i think it worked for me. they instructed on the layouts too so i luckily didn't have to do much design...just follow a brief. i hope to work for them again. it is nice to see my work in a new format! if you are interested you can watch it here. it's about 5 minutes in if you don't want to watch the whole thing!

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  1. Hello Sarah!

    I love love love love your work but I can't seem to send you an email to tell you about it because apparently your inbox is full! :( xxx

  2. eeeek sorry!
    i've cleared it all up now, thanks for letting me know :)

  3. It looks amazing, what a thrill to see your illustartions on a tv story book!

  4. Ah-ha, but how does it compare to the time Kimberley from Girls Aloud read The Girl With The Bird's Nest Hair for CBeebies? I imagine that must have been a bit bizarre. I'm not a crazy stalker who watches CBeebies in her spare time - I did the subtitles for that show, one of my all-time day job highlights as I love that book of yours. Our new(ish) baby is looking like she might be a curly-haired redhead so I will pass my copy on to her when she's a bit bigger. I'm sure she'll love it too :)

  5. @dropstich
    ah-ha! that's so funny - what a small world!
    i really liked how kimberly read my book - i thought she did it well....so glad you have a cute little red head to pass your copy onto. thanks for your comment.
    all best, sarah x


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