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This week's bits & pieces are mainly work related. I'm beginning to manage my illustration work juggling things with Stanley. I found it very hard at first not being to work when the hell I liked, always doing things in a stop/start fashion. I got frustrated and cross that my precious 'me' time is no longer 'me' time...and that made me feel bad that somehow I was cross at Stanley for this change in my working life. However now I know I have pretty much two 'baby free' days (thanks to family) I'm learning to work well in those two days. In fact it seems to be working better - I am a lot more focused than I used to be - no faffing around the house doing unnecessary chores in order to put off what I was supposed to be doing. My illustration time is precious now and I use every last minute properly....it certainly focuses the mind knowing Stanley will be back soon and needing my full attention...and he deserves it too :)
Happy work mama = happy home mama.

Pic 1 - Xmas card result from the elf photoshoot...excuse the shocking photoshop! Was fun though!
Pic 2 - A finished book spread
Pic 3 - Roughs for the next...
Pic 4 & 5 - Plans chest my Dad gave me
Pic 6 - Sketchbooks lined up
Pic 7 - Working mess

**As always thanks to Bleubird for the idea and encouraging us to share....

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