On Tuesday we read...

...'For Just One Day' by Laura Leck and illustrated Marc Boutavant.

Marc Boutavant is definitely up there in my top children's book illustrators. His work is amazing - so detailed and thoughtful. It is all done on the computer...but you really wouldn't know that which is why it's such charming work to look at. I have a few more books illustrated by him including Mouk. We have the french version as I bought it before it came out in english......I'm tempted to buy that version too! It has the most AMAZING set of stickers at the back to put on the pages....but being the control freak I am I can't bear to use them which is why I guess I need a second book as there is no way Stanley is not going to want to used them soon!!


  1. Wow, I love his illustration style. A little reminiscent of Alain Grée from a distance.... Lovely books!

  2. Hi Laura - yes very true - 50s in style i guess...his work is amazing too! x

  3. Wow! What gorgeous illustrations! Thank you for sharing!


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