Bits & Pieces

These bits & pieces are from my trip to Antibes at the weekend. I went with two other girlfriends to visit a friend living and working out there. It was a great weekend - lovely to be selfish and spend time with amazing friends. Felt very odd leaving Stanley for three whole days but he seemed to take it in his stride - the reports all weekend from his daddy was that he was very happy so that was good!


All the pictures are taken with Instagram on my iphone....I'm completely obsessed with this app (as you can see from the amount taken!!) and introduced it to my friends which resulted in a little light competition as to who could take the best pics with it! Ha ha such fun :)

PS I don't know if you're interested to follow me there but i'm 'sarahillustrator' on it. 
let me know if you're on there too!

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