...until the end of the year! But also 21 days left of (non existent) blogging. I'm sure it'll come as no big surprise but my blog is ending on December 31st. I have lost the love for it and there is no point keeping it up. I have little time to live my life at the minute never mind document it and write about it here. I don't feel it is the sort of thing I can leave up here and just dip in and out of randomly, I'm an all or nothing girl so I'm happier closing it down. I find it easier to manage Instagram as a social space to share news. I am also feeling increasingly uncomfortable about Stanley's internet footprint. For me, age 3 feels like the cut off point. I feel a mix of sadness and relief writing this post. Relief I no longer feel obliged to document my life, my work, and Stanley. But sadness because when I had the time I did love blogging and all the friends I met through doing it. I'm sure this will not be the total end, I plan on updating my website (and eventually moving to an all new space) and will include a work only news/blog section there, and of course if you want to see what I or Stanley are up to you can find me on IG @sarahillustrator. The final posts will be the portrait a week (which, of course I'm behind on) without which I'm sure this blog would have failed about 6 months ago!

Thanks to everyone who has ever visited this site, or commented - it means a lot.

Love S & s xxx


  1. I really enjoyed your blog (quietly!), but i totally understand the feeling of blog burnout. For what it's worth, I think both your artwork and your life are beautiful. Good luck, Sarah!

  2. Dear Sarah, good luck for your after-blog life! you did a great job here, I really enjoyed it (though quietly and only recently), both the lovely illustrations and the peeks into your life.

  3. Sorry to read this, I enjoyed your posts and found inspiration for meals, kids clothing and books! Totally respect your decision to cut your son off from the internet world. Good luck! Laura


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