So this is something we have been having a lot for lunch recently. It is super quick to make and a good one for veggies. It could be vegan too if you left out the cheese or added something else. It travels pretty well too if you don't overfill it, so it is a handy one for packed lunches. It is a recipe adapted from Ottolenghi's black bean paste, made easier for me and the kiddo. We often have the full recipe at the weekend if Ben is about, but the salsa is too spicy for S so he only ever has plain avocado, and he loathes cherry toms!

This is what you'll need:

We normally use a tin of black beans, but we had so many dried and I remembered for once to soak overnight and cook that morning. A tin, makes much more sense though for a quick lunch! 

Heat the cumin and coariander seeds in a pan and then crush in a pestle and mortar. You will want a teaspoon of each, depending on your taste.
Then add the black beans and whizz. When we have it we add fresh coriander and the juice of a lime too.

This is how I make them up, I added paprika to mine for a kick. Fold in half and whack on a griddle or in a dry hot frying pan for a few minutes, and then turn over.

Cut and enjoy!

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