I have some bits and pieces I need to share with you all but I'm so busy I have little time to write a proper post! So I think some nice links to check out are what's in order to begin the weekend....

I won't tell you what I was googling when I stumbled on this stuff on the internet - but I just love the images. As an obsessive Virgo this pleases me greatly.

I bought this camera secondhand after mine went missing on our France wedding trip. The photo above is a taken by a friend of me and Stan all fancy at the wedding.  I'd heard very good things via various websites and blogs about the GF1and I'm already stoked with it and have taken just a handful of shots. I'm determined that this camera will be the one that comes off auto....

My second animated episode for Cushelle is out on facebook. Please take a look if you get a minute and like and share it. Watch with your kiddos I'm sure they'll enjoy it! I'm currently getting some pretty hot eye bags working on the 3rd episode.

I'm also doing a lovely book (my dream book, really) but I can't share any images just yet. It is for this publisher and their book list is really great. In particular I have my eye on this book for Stan's Christmas list.
In fact talking books, I've gone a bit crazy recently with purchases of beautiful picture books and my husband will kill me when he finds out. I try and convince myself, (and him) that they are all for work research. I can't help it though there are so many good ones out there at the minute. I will share my finds in a separate post soon.

I'm going to make this amazing looking bread this weekend and casserole. I love this blog, and we have the cookbook which is really lovely too. They both sound super healthy which I really need as working so hard I make terrible food choices. It's all crappy sweets and cups of tea. They feel quite autumnal too and the weather has definitely changed over here.

Talking of Autumn I am major lusting over these boots. Perhaps a good thing to spend my birthday money on? What do you think?

Happy weekends everyone. Hope you are all up to something nice x


  1. I think that the boots are great!

    I really like your haircut!!

    Greetings from Croatia,

  2. Hi Sarah, This post really cheered me up out of a coldy gloom on Friday.
    Thank you for posting so many great links, they were a great distraction :)
    I have been totally out of control splurging (and hiding) picture books a lot lately, glad I'm not alone.

    It's all research I reckon!! Look forward to seeing what you've bought (and probably finding new ones to buy myself!) Those boots look like a great use of your birthday money and I'm sure they'll be worth the splurge, they look pretty sturdy and hardwearing!

    Congratulations on your dream book job, can't wait to see it. Love your new koala animation too, my little nephews and niece are going to love it! Emily

  3. Those disassembly pictures are great. The obsessive Virgo in me wants to put it all back together again though.

    I'm really excited for your new book project. And I tell myself that book purchases (for G - I'm on a moratorium for my own) don't count as shopping - they're good for the spirit and the soul. or something!


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