So I've written a few times about the work I do for workshops in schools etc. I love that part of my job - going into schools or bookshops to read my books and do a little illustration workshop is not only fun, but inspiring for me to see the children enjoy themselves and get so much out of my visit. I think it is so important for children to have access to books, it shouldn't be a wealth, or class issue reading and enjoying books. And while I love visiting local bookshops sometimes I only reach children that already have an excellent understanding and love of books. It is important for me to visit schools that perhaps have a group of school kids where there isn't a huge culture of them being read to at home, or perhaps english is not their first language, or more often isn't their parents first language.

I work a lot with the Pop Up Foundation which is this absolutely brilliant orgaisation that works very closely with schools in London and authors and illustrators bringing together workshops to help inspire and instil a love for books. Recently I went to Grafton school in Holloway where Pop Up was running a week long series of events for the children there, culminating in a story reading session from the people from the Roald Dahl Museum. I did a workshop reading Batty, talking about making a book from start to finish and creating a jungle backdrop with the kids for the story telling session at the friday assembley. Pop Up made an amazing video of the whole week to go with it. If you get a minute please do watch it - it is beautifully shot and edited, not like any other video on the subject I've seen before....and of course yours truely 'pops up' to speak in it a few times....

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