So the weekend just gone we went camping. A friend of ours, their father owns some land as he is a bee keeper. I know right?! An actual bee keeper. So cool. So we had wanted to test out camping with Stan for a while but didn't have the time or funds to commit to a big old affair. Anyway said friend invites us up to their father's field to have a fun night under the stars. Well it really was so much fun. The kids LOVED it - seriously, no little tikes plastic stuff anywhere yet they were as happy as larry making mud pies (or pesto pasta as my friends child insisted!) and stepping across cut logs before the 'crocodile' got them, catching insects in their nets, inspecting owl poo for bones, swinging on the tractor tyre swing and going for (slightly dicey, thanks Ben!) wheelbarrow rides!

The kids went to bed in the tents with not too much fuss and us grown ups went crazy (sat around for a while) drinking cider and chatting. The night itself was colder than I expected, (or maybe the last time I went camping was Glasto and therefore I had my beer jacket on...) but having Stan in with us was although uncomfortable as he totally took over the airbed (how do they do that?!) I felt better knowing he was cosy warm in with us! The next morning we had cups of tea and fried egg sandwiches and we took it turns playing hide and seek with the kids all trying desperately to get some rest by 'hiding' in the tents - no such luck!

We packed up before rain set in, bought some honey from my friend's dad and went home for a nice warm bath! We will definitely be doing it again before the Summer ends. It really was so lovely, and so damn simple.


  1. Hello from way up in the Hebrides! Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm originally from the south of England myself, we moved here about 6 years ago. I'm loving your beautiful blog and really adore your work. (I have my own wee girl with birds nest hair here). Your photos of English loveliness are making me homesick! `Hope you have a lovely week. Holly.x


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