Oh wow. This book is so beautiful. I have looked at it so much since it arrived and we have read if for bedtime every night this week. It was well worth splashing out the money for the hardback cover as it is definitely a keeper. The book is called 'Wild' by new author/illustrator to the scene Emily Hughes. It is published by Flying Eye Books and the finish on it is very lovely. Nice paper and cloth binding (a favourite of mine - such a binding geek!) Anyway the story is about a little girl living in the wild having been brought up and taught everything she knows by the animals that live there.

However soon she is whisked off to live in 'civilasation' but of course she doesn't like the way they live and vice versa. Find out what happens when they try and teach her the 'correct' ways. The story is simply written but poignant, and the illustrations just stunning. Plenty to look at in the detail and a lovely feeling of the 70s - a little Richard Scarry esque. I can't wait for more books by this new talent.

AND ALSO!!! Just 8 days left to link up any great toddler proof recipes you may have tucked up your sleeve. I've had 2 lovely links left already. I will be posting another recipe next week and testing out one of the ones left for me. An easy mid week number coming up, for all the family!


  1. this book looks lovely! I'm definitely going to check it out :)

  2. My boy says he wants this book. So do I!

  3. I love this book + illustrations! I agree, the binding is so lovely. I think the story might also appeal to anyone reading to an autistic child to help them understand their world, maybe.

  4. I have to check out that book. Going to amazon now!

  5. How funny - I saw this book yesterday in a book shop cafe in the scottish borders and was blown away by it - when we set off back to Edinburgh I was really mad with myself for being so distracted by lunch that i forgot to buy it! I'm going to have to order myself a copy now - thanks for reminding me how lovely it is!

  6. This book looks fantastic! Love the illustrations of the bears in particular, they look so vintage. Thanks for linking up to 'we like to read' also :) x


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