TWO FOR ONE! {Honest Food}

So recently I've been whipping this up in the kitchen for Stanley to save me time and to give him several yummy and healthy meals for when he is not eating with us. It is a great way to cook as you start with the same base and make at least two different dinners with it. It is also fully adjustable depending on what your kiddos like to eat, and what you have kicking around at the back of the fridge!

So to start chop up all the veg you are using. For this recipe I think it is best to stick to similar vegetable themes if that even makes any sense! So this version I guess was more mediterranean. But you could totally do this with more Autumnal root veggies.

You want to cut up the veg fairly small as although one will be blended the other remains as it is so it is better if they are bite size. This is what we had and what Stanley likes. I have also used Aubergine and prefer red onion but we only had white. Stanley doesn't like broccoli and can spot those floret heads a mlie off so I stay clear!

Mix well with olive oil, coconut or rapeseed and season with some pepper if you like. Make sure your pan is nice and full as the veg will shrink down when roasted. My pan measures 34cm by 28cm.

Then pop into an oven at about 200-220C and roast for about 40 mins, or until your veg looks like this...

Now as this post is quite long and photo heavy you can click below to read the rest!

This is where you divide this batch of roasted veg into two. Put half into a bowl and leave half in the roasting pan.For the first meal which is just a basic pasta sauce you will need the following...

Put the tinned tomatoes in a pan with the garlic and some dried oregeno. Bring the tomatoes to a simmer for a while so the flavours can mingle. We like garlic in this house, I swear that is why we have managed totally cold free all this long winter. But obviously leave out if you are not keen!

Wilt the spinach in the pan and then blend. I use an immersion blender which often leaves the kitchen a little splattered but I am too scared to transfer to another blender! Then when the spinach is mixed in and well disguised....you can add the half of the roasted veg and leave chunky or blend again if you want.

Then I portion up into ramekins so they are easy to freeze. I prefer to freeze in glass (plastic can leech nasties) and label on top of the clingfilm. Then I use them as a pasta sauce or add to chickpeas and couscous. They make a nice sauce to go with meat and potatoes - anything really! Super handy and good for littles.

Right onto meal no2. With the veg you have left in the roasting pan you will need ingredients similar to the following...

What I do is add garlic, parsley and some lentils (about a large handful) to the roasted veg and add some stock. I've used normal vegetable bouillon but you could use plain water or low salt 'baby' stock cubes.

Mix well in the pan and put back in the oven for another 50 minutes or so at 180C. If your pan can go direct on a flame then you could simmer the veg and lentils instead.

After that time the lentils should be soft and cooked having soaked up most of the water. I added peas in the last 3 minutes too. Then I transfer to little ramekins leaving enough room to top with mashed potato and cheese, mashed sweet potato or sometimes a slice of halloumi. Otherwise they make a good veggie side dish to go with chickpea patties, fish fingers, sausages or anything else you fancy. Stanley loves his with the mash and cheese, like a veggie shepherds pie I guess. Add a little water before you freeze them if you are worried they are too dry looking.

Hope you find this helpful. You can in no way make a mistake. If in doubt blend the lot and use as pasta sauce! So from the original pan of veg I normally get 5 pasta sauces and 4 lentil dinners. Not bad, for a mornings work!


  1. YUM. I love meals that go far.

  2. super mama strikes again! will definitely be giving this a go when I get the chance! x

  3. This is BRILLIANT! Going to try it this very evening. THANK YOU!

  4. yum! So inspiring. Just my cup of tea. Laura

  5. Looks really good! I love the look of the lentil one :)

  6. Oh man, this is such a great idea.


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