Not quite as creative as the last two weeks. Much more real life I'm afraid. We've started. I'm regretting it already and it is only day two. I'm not even sure how I'm approaching it other than I'm embracing it cold turkey, pants only no pull ups. And I am using bribery...my preferred method is stickers. We have had a mixture of success and failure in seemly equal measures. I'm thinking this is the toughest yet, maybe even harder than night feeds for however many flipping months, but maybe that is clever old mother nature trying to trick me into having another one. It appears pooping is easier than peeing. That is all I've learnt so far. Tips and tricks gratefully received.

It also appears from the last 3 weeks, this '52' post is all I've managed, and I think without the 'pressure' to fulfil this little project, I probably wouldn't be blogging at all. I don't know about you, but I think that tells me something. My heart is not really in it anymore, and more importantly I have so much fantastic paid illustration work that I have little time for something, that although gives me pleasure, doesn't actually pay a single bill. I'm off to a new space soon in this internet world. I've decided on a new platform and will be there shortly. I'm also closing part of my etsy shop down - again, I have no time for custom portraits and the like any more. It is all exciting over here, two new big projects have come up, that I can't talk about yet, but hopefully will do soon. I'll let you know when my new website and blog are up and running, and hopefully if you still want to join me you will pop on over and stay a while there....


  1. Oh yes got to love toilet training! Such a great photo - one to look back on at 21st's!

  2. Perseverance is the key! That and reading lots of stories to keep them in one place for a while!
    Sounds like exciting times ahead for you.

  3. Ah! Hope its not too messy and Stanley enjoys the stickers enough to get used to no nappies quickly!

    Sorry to hear you're moving on to pastures new too, your blog has always been my favourite! but look forward to seeing where you end up and hearing about your new projects when you can share. Sounds very exciting! :) Emily X

  4. So cute. I used to bribe my first child with raisins. That was before he knew about sweets! With both my kids, I regularly allowed them to walk around naked on the bottom when we were at home. They had some "accidents" but I think it helped them make the connection better. The pull-ups can confuse them I think. Good luck. Don't stress about it. They each take their own time.

    Congrats on all the paid illustration work. I can understand that would make it hard to keep up the blog!

    :) Jo

  5. great photo...look forward to your new blog and finding out about your future projects! Good luck with, well, all of it! xx

  6. Get a copy of Lora Jensen's 3 Day Potty Training method. We did this last weekend after weeks of struggling with our 3 year old. It was life-changing!!


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