"A picture of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Stanley, you are so sweet after waking up (or in this case I had to wake you, sorry, but an hour and a half is long enough my friend), just coming round you can be moody. Usually letting you watch 10 mins of a programme you love keeps the peace and gets you ready for whatever we have planned for the rest of the day.

Ok so I'm behind. No surprise there. I missed last week. The only good thing about that is that I didn't have to decide between these two images both taken after his lunchtime nap and in the glorious afternoon sun.

I have had that catching up feeling for many days now. Although I finally feel I'm up over the hill and on the way down, it is a good feeling and I'm relieved. I've never been quite so busy before with a workload and 3 projects all on at the same time, for the same deadline - Bologna. Or maybe I have been this busy before, but not since Stanley was born perhaps. It is all very well working late/through the night when you don't have to perform and look after someone else the next day. I'm feeling like I'm neglecting everything and everyone else at the minute. And that is fine, it is just another week and certainly as a freelancer I should NEVER complain about work and being busy, but I've certainly used up all my 'Grandparents looking after Stanley' credits for a while! I'm having to turn a blind eye to the house work that is piling up, and yes of course my husband is more than capable of helping out, and does, but I like doing it - I like to have a well oiled ship - and at the moment it is creaking a lot and all the staff on it have been eating fish fingers and veggie burgers for weeks. Oops. I'm off up to Newcastle as I post this for the Seven Stories event that I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow. Back Monday evening and then nose to the grindstone, for just, a few, more, days....

Roll on Friday.

Joining in with Jodi. And as I had time this week to check out the others I think from last week my favourites are this one - big and small, and this one with the sense of adventure and because I have terrible bump envy at the minute....


  1. Such sweet sleepy photos! His bed hair is amazing. Hope your event at seven stories goes really well tomorrow! Its possible that my lovely friend Josie and her baby Eric will be there so if you happen to meet them, say hi from me! :) X

  2. awwh his cheeks, I love sleepy baby photos.


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