Ok so to follow on from my recent food post inspired by Hattie at Free Our Kids, I'm listing the more inspired snacks we've (both) been munching on this week out the house and in. Most of these are fun to prepare for Stanley too, so it also provides an activity to do together rather than just ripping open a box or him finding his way into the old snack draw...

More breakfast type biscuits
this time no seeds, less sugar and added apricots and dessicated coconut

Trail Mix (sweet version)

Apple *fancy style*

seriously, get that child working for his snacks

eh voila. fancy apple.

Frozen banana 'icecream'
the anticipation of the magic happening

frozen banana blended with yogurt. next time i might add cocoa powder, honey or peanut butter. but perhaps not all at the same time...or maybe I should?

Natural (full-fat) yogurt with honey and cinnamon
could not get enough of this one...
I know none of this is actual rocket science, but I think it is always handy to share and to prompt ideas back and forth in this friendly community! So please feel free to comment below with any genius snack ideas you might have been feeding your little ones. One month in and we are doing well. No flavoured rice cakes or over priced mini yogurts here. Thank you Hattie for inspiration....feels great!


  1. The yoghurt thing has blown my little mind too.

    Why on earth wasI buying all those tiny plastic pots when it turns out he's happy with the same plain greek stuff we eat? Almost wish I hadn't discovered it, it makes me feel like such a muppet for having spent all that cash and used all that plastic..!

    Have posted something for a kids' nutritionist today. You might like it. Hxx

  2. Fun and tasty snacks there! The trail mix looks delicious. My kiddos love the frozen banana "ice cream" too :) They love it with honey and sometimes we do a dab of Nutella in there.

  3. These are perfect snacks! I was just thinking today (after Judah grabbed his fathers apple juice from his work bag and drank it, hence being hyper all over the library today) that I really need to figure out some good snacks that dont have allot of sugar in them. Judah loves things he can grab with his hands so the trial mix and breakfast muffins are perfect!

    1. I think there is evidence now that sugar has little to do with children being hyper, but I do feel that processed sugar isn't very natural and therefore it is always better if we can offer alternatives. It is also nice to find snacks and 'treats' around the kitchen rather than just always reaching for something branded for kids! I'm trying anyway!

  4. This is a fantastic recipe for scones, very easy and not much sugar, plus they are a big hit with the little man. Savoury ones are particularly yummy. I made them with parmesan, mustard powder, olives and sun dried tomatoes and he scoffed them right down...


    I'll be making those breakfast biscuits again too, another success with Harry!

    1. Yum. Thanks....I will be making those they look great!

  5. I enjoy your Stanley food post a lot. I especially enjoy the before and after Stanely food post. He really is a good eater even if he is a slow one. I am wondering have you ever seen Alexis Stewart (Martha's daughter) blog? She is a vegetarian who avidly prepares healthy food for her kids. Check it out, I think u will enjoy her mainly food post.

    1. I'll have a look now, thanks so much for letting me know! And Stanley is getting better and better with his eating, and a little quicker too! Hooray!

  6. Great post, I've been making an effort this year to offer my son more variety with his snack so I'm really glad I came across your blog, great recipe ideas that are healthy too. Thanks so much and please keep posting more!!


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