So Stanley turned two. We had a lovely low key affair to celebrate. I thought about inviting over all his little friends and all the Mums and Dads I know to celebrate but with his birthday being in January and the weather so horrid I realised that would be a lot of people in my house and I probably wouldn't get to enjoy it all so much. So, instead we opted to invite round both sets of Grandparents and eat chocolate cake, Stanley's favourite. I made the chocolate and beetroot one form Nigel Slater's 'Tender' book. It is very good indeed, rich and moist, without being sickly and I served it with poppyseed creme fraiche. A bit of a fiddle to make and I must have used 100 bowls (as you can see from the mess I made in the kitchen) but the end result is worth it definitely. And thank gawd for my dishwasher!

for blog shot...

....not for blog shot

Stanley got a few special pressies, but not too much as we are trying to cut back and not fill the house up so it looks like we could run a daycare here. He didn't really want much, he was more than happy with chocolate cake and the undivided attention from having all four grandparents in the room. And now if you ask him how old he is his reply is "Stanley number two!"

happy birthday my sweet boy


  1. sweet! think we're doing something similar after last year when we had lots of people crammed into a teeny home! and that cake looks lush...

  2. Um, I'm pretty sure we have the same kitchen cabinets. And similar washers. Wouldn't ya know?! I feel the same way about not wanting the house to look like a daycare... that's always a struggle with little one (s), isn't it?! Happy Birthday sweet Stanley!

  3. Ah, Happy Birthday Stanley!! I must say that cake looks extremely professional, yum :)


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