An offshoot if you like from the original Stanley Style posts. It is mainly for me I guess to remember the funny little things he says. there has been so many already, I'm worried I'll forget them so here on my blog is always a good place to put them. He is forming complete sentences now, some as long as 7 or 10 words, which is just so sweet to hear. Just this morning he told me "go in the kitchen make a cup of tea mummy!" I can sense him practising now when he speaks, almost realising what word to put with what. He often corrects himself too, if at first in his sentence he is not happy with a word he'll say it again but try something else. It certainly makes my life easier (and his), to understand him and have no frustration with him not being able to tell me what he wants. Tantrums in that department are certainly few. It is funny really he seems to have enjoyed getting his language into shape, whereas physical he is not as able as some other toddlers when we go to the park. He is cautious with activities and running etc. He never wants to go down a slide or be particularly daring on climbing frames. He still calls out for me to help him step down the smallest of steps I'm sure he could manage. It is funny isn't it the way children develop, what they get good at first, it varies so much from one to the next! Please share with me if you want to any little things your little ones are saying, I'm finding it so fun, plus they may come in handy for me creating future stories!!


  1. Wait there two mini minutes. That's my favourite! I'm amazed at Stanley's speaking skills, he's pretty advanced! Totally agree with you about their development (like we talked about!) Theo's definitely more physical at the moment and is pretty confident in that part, and he is speaking all the time, but in his own little language that I can only understand!

    But can't wait to hear some more sentences, and some more singing! Perhaps Theo and Stanley can form a band, him signing and theo dancing?

  2. Awww two mini minutes is the cutest (plus gruffalo crumble) when i ask my daughter how long something is going to take she always tells me "hmmmm fifteen twenty minutes" i guess i say that too much to her! but funny hearing it from a toddler, especially for a task that should take two minutes :-)

  3. Ah, so sweet. I think I'll add 'wait there two mini minutes' to my vocabulary too! :) Our two year old nephew doesn't say very much but often walks around muttering 'ham, ham, ham, ham, ham...' in a quiet whispery voice. Funny boy!

    Hope you have all have a very happy christmas Sarah (I bet Stanley will have a ball!) and really look forward to seeing what adventures you all get up to in 2013! EmilyX


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