Did that get your attention? Who doesn't like tights though? I am also thinking why should the girls have all the fun (and warmth?!) I had already bought a couple of pairs from Slugs and Snails and was very happy when the lovely people at Little Titans sent me a pair for Stanley to test out. First up cut and fit are perfect. Stanley is wearing the size 1-2 years and they fit him great, with I'd say plenty of room for growth. They are made of gorgeous non itchy material and have excellent non slippy feet. As Stanley likes to say when pointing at the soles of his tights "Stanley no fall over", so they have his seal of approval.... And as if to prove it he's a running shot of him on our wooden floors!

They come in a cute box too so they'd made a lovely Christmas gift. Please go check out their website, it's beautifully designed and as you know I like to support these small companies making a mark competing against all the big guns out there. We have the Stripe Grey, but I'm thinking the Superhero tights are pretty spectacular!

There will be a Stanley Style post tomorrow to show off the Little Titans tights in all their glory!

tights from slugs and snails

I would highly recommend checking out both companies for your little boys that need to be kept warm and snug as well as still look as manly as is possible in tights. Plus you know me and my quest for all things unisex, I reckon that girls would be more than happy in any of these beauties too.

Robin hood, robin hood, riding through his glen...


  1. haha you always post and write about things I've been looking for, such a dungarees, jumpers and now tights! I've been looking out for some nice boys tights for the winter, and these look perfect!

    1. ha! we are at one with each other!
      the little titans would make a lovely gift to theo if someone in your family wants to get him something other than toys... They are nice enough to be worn without trousers too i think!

  2. Haha! this made me chuckle! He looks very happy indeed :)

    My 4 half swedish boy cousins were all in tights up to about 4 or 5. Boy friendly tights weren't so common when they were wee but lovely to see that more brands are cottoning on to their benefits! My aunty always bought them 'DUNS' the swedish brand - i was going to buy these for my friend's son for Christmas after she recommended them to me... http://www.loveitloveitloveit.co.uk/duns-sweden-green-turquoise-tights/. very cool! Plus, there seems to be reduced Tootsa MacGinty stuff on this website if you're not familiar with it already.

    1. Oh thanks Emily. Yes in sweden it is a no brainer to have boys in tights. I have a friend over there and her little boy is always in tights. And thanks for the website recommendation, I didn't know it and always like to have something new to check out!

  3. I'm loving "stanley no fall over!"
    I have a baby girl but I'm loving the stripes, and the superheroes! I'm all for trying to avoid the acres of pink sparkly clothing the shops insist on giving you for girls. The grippy feet will be perfect in our house too our floors are wooden. Off I go to visit the website...

  4. Little kids looks cute in tights,especially the tights with that danger print.I like to support these small companies making a mark competing against all the big guns out there.

  5. Ah, I've been thinking (and doing) a lot of this myself recently - why on *earth* should tights (or leggings) be only for girls?! They're so practical under lighter weight trousers in the winter.

    Totally ridiculous, the whole gender stereotyping children shebang.

    our 13mth old son Gabriel just rocks the H&M and John Lewis "girls" tights and leggings :) not as fun as these, which are awesome, but black, white, grey, red, stripy - shout 'kid' not 'girl' to me.

    Not to mention the "girls" shoes and jumpers too.

    PS. I love Tootsa MacGinty too for unisex kiddo clothes - really liked your post on them too.


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