Lately round here things have definitely taken an autumnal turn. I'm not complaining mind you - I love the colours that go with Autumn, especially when you get to enjoy them in crisp bright sunshine rather than colour stealing rain. We have more adventures planned in this Autumn, before the cold sets in and makes trips out just a bit too unbearable.

1. Bay leaves drying // 2. Spice jar sort out // 3. The small, {but better than last year} squash crop from our garden // 4. Sad little pumpkin face // 5 & 6. Dried hydrangea. I love these flowers, alive or dead! // 7. Coats, hats and blankets beginning to pile up on our rack // 8. Papers in preparations for my day in the printing studio next thursday

How is your Autumn looking where ever you are? Hope you have happy exciting weekends ahead. Happy friday :)
♥ S&s


  1. Love those drying leaves and dried hydrangeas. I'm feeling very inspired now : )
    Have a great weekend.
    Jude x

  2. We have a beautiful hydrangea outside our house, I'm going to miss it when we move, but I might take a little cutting and try and salvage it in our new place, but will definitely be bringing some in like that!


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