Ok, well I don't really I'm not completely bonkers. Nor have I bought any/made any Christmas cards yet or played my Christmas CD... But what I have done is bought Stanley two excellent Christmassy knitwear numbers. Oh yes. Not at all pricey, and a little fun for this time of year. Unisex too, wouldn't you say for the potential of hand-me-downs and the like. IF those trousers came any bigger I would want a pair. Bring on snow, the Gruffalo's child on tv and hot chocolate by the fire whilst snuggled up to Stan in those beauts. (But maybe not worn together - too much?) See, I've got you feeling all Christmassy now too...

the jumper is from m&s and the trousers are next.

find a traditional delft birth plate here or here and the marc boutavant wall stickers here

the chair was found dumped on the road outside my old flat in london and loving restored...


  1. oh wowzers to those trousers!!! I would definitely christmas up in a pair of those if they came in lady sizes - they're brill! Fantastic jumper too and yes, definitely uni sex! I've been trawling through etsy for vintage scandinavian wooly jumpers after watching the danish series The Killing. Definitely getting in the christmas spirit perhaps a bit too early! I noticed 'The snowman' on dvd was a £3 in the coop a bargain for a little slice of 80s christmas you could watch everyday :) x

    1. Oh my emily - that is exactly what we've been hooked on recently. We are only half way through the first series but I love it! Super addictive....And yes great knitwear on Lund!

  2. oooo love that jumper! and the trousers, I've been on the hunt for good winter jumpers and this one might have to added!

  3. Oh it gets better and better and the jumpers do too! I'm particularly fond of the white one with the black snow flakes that she wears in pretty much every episode. We finished the 2nd series on Sunday night and I think the 3rd and final series starts tomorrow on telly - you're in for a treat! x

  4. Oh how darling. My mother in law sent me a little plastic christmas plate for the boys and had to preface it with the fact she's not a nut and realizes christmas is still a ways away. But it does seem to have a way of sneaking up on us all. In any case, Stanley is ready!


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