So to be honest (hehe) things are pretty much good on the food front. I think this will be my last post on this topic dealt with in my normal moany manner. On the whole it looks like young Stanley is giving most things a go and eating much of it. Yes he'll never quite be up to the level of young Marlowe, but hey that kid is spectacular. It may still take us the best part of an hour to finish a meal, but mostly I'm happy to report I'm relaxed. I've realised my kid aint ever the type to sleep in to 8am. He's an early riser and I just need to deal with it (and maybe go to bed a little earlier...) No amount of food, protein or not, late at night is going to keep that child in bed past 6am, if I'm lucky!

So hey ho, suck it up mama. You signed up to this, and really things could be a whole lot worse. In the future I think I'll stick to posts about nice recipes or surprising things Stanley has eaten. Not show the world how many mouthfuls he managed to eat this week. Thanks for being there for me though, and without the food trouble I never would have met the lovely Ashley. So there is always a silver lining.

chickpea, tomato and roasted veg with couscous

green beans, filled pasta, egg

(lazy) fish fingers, 5 beans mix, green beans

roasted veg, passata, red lentils and halloumi 

daal and rice with mange tout. (he ate none, I made a second meal...)

tortilla with cucumber and olives (no tortilla eaten)

marmite sandwich, pea humous, red & yellow peppers
carrot cashew and orange salad, quiche and olives (so he'll eat quiche, but NOT tortilla?)


  1. Would love you to post some recipes, I'm in a serious food rut at the moment! Glad his eating has got better, go Stanley!

  2. He eats so good Sarah, really. Why does he always pass on the carbs though? What's wrong with him? Pasta is the best!! ;) come on over and feed Hooper now, would ya?


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