So this glorious sunday just gone we took ourselves of to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust nearby at Arundel. It was a beautiful day and all the trees were a stunning range of shades of yellows, reds and browns, and I'd managed to put Stanley in the perfect Autumnal jumper! The place itself was great - we'd not been before but decided to become members, much like you do the National Trust etc. If we go 3 times a year we get our monies worth, and after Sunday's visit I know we'll go back. There was just the right amount to walk around and it wasn't too busy at all despite the amazing weather. Stanley really enjoyed seeing all the birds, and ducks and there were a few park areas, but not too many to detract from the main event, and all sensitively thought out with the surroundings in mind. It really bothers me when you pay a hefty entrance fee and there are so many play areas and all the kids obviously want to play instead of looking at whatever the heck it is you've paid for!

We had a good explore and there were lots of people walking around with binoculars and fancy long lens cameras and bird spotter books. I decided I'd be quite happy if Stanley was into birds, not that sort of course, I want him to be a mummies boy (I jest). But I'd quite like it if he was sensitive and quiet and into nature....ahhh I can but hope.

We even got to go on a boat, but we didn't see any water voles, just lots more ducks. It was a beautiful journey though, still and peaceful, and all in the foot of Arundel Castle. We can't wait to go back.


  1. Poor Stanley, my daughter is convinced it's her in these photos!


    1. Haha, that's brilliant! It's the blonde fringe hair combo! He got mistaken for a girl (again) at the wetlands centre. Maybe I should cut his hair....

    2. Oh no...don't cut his hair! Olive gets confused for a boy all the time...you can't win! I must say that he does have really similar eyes to hers as well. (and they are pretty--can't do anything about that! :))

    3. You're right you can't win, and I like his hair!
      If you were nearer we could do a 'twin' photo shoot. Oh well, if I'm ever up your way...


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