Ok so really I would love to buy pretty much everything from Bobo choses, Mini Rodini, Gardener and the Gang and Nununu to name but a few!! But, I simply do not have the funds to do so at the moment. So instead, I thought I'd use my creative skills and make Stanley some more interesting t-shirts myself...

First up is the grey t-shirt and some bright green ink. I followed the very good instructions on my clever friends youtube channel here to create a Rorschach type image. (If you have time, watch his other clips, they are brilliant, inspiring and funny!)

Step one, iron the t-shirt with a firm crease down the middle and cut the newsprint to fit inside snuggly with a crease that matches up with the one on the t-shirt.

Then pour on the green fabric paint on one side only.

Fold the t-shirt in half and press down firmly.

Peel back to reveal your design!

It's quite addictive as you never know what exactly you are going to get. If I hadn't got other plans for the white one then I'd have ended up doing that one too! I think in trying to take pictures at the same time the ink seeped a bit too much into the paper and made taking it out tricky. I got some ink in a few places I didn't want, however nothing that I'm too worried about for a first attempt!

Then iron over the top of more newsprint to set the ink and then wash. Voila!

I'm a leeeeeeeeeetle bit disappointed that the ink has faded from the wash. Perhaps I didn't set it properly with the iron. I still like the effect, but I did love it more when it was super bright. Still it was a good experiment and one I intend on repeating. All together it cost me about £5 which is a bargain for a one off design! I think it looks like a set of lungs now, at first I thought butterfly, but now I look at it on him I'm thinking lungs....what do you see?!

I think this would be a really fun thing to do with kids a bit older as they would be able to pour the paint on themselves. Maybe next year with Stanley....

{part two with the white t-shirt and a different design is later this week...}


  1. I love this! Such a great idea, especially for a rainy day. And yes, definitely lungs!

  2. This turned out fantastic!!! I've been looking for art projects for Hooper. Totally gonna steal your idea ;) So cool, that little Stantely in his lungs shirt! xo

  3. Good job! I would totally put Tallon in that cute shirt and so much cheaper and more unique :)

  4. What I good idea! Before theo was born I tried to customise some little white vests for him with the sukie iron ons, they looks cool but faded completely after a few washes, very annoying!

    But might have to try my hand at a few more d.i.y clothes customising, this and a few others I've seen look great! Thanks for sharing! X

  5. Excellent idea! I'm on it!

  6. I thought it looked like a giant toad face.

  7. This shirt is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the next one! <3xojo

  8. This shirt is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the next one! <3xojo


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