Still getting on okay over here. (I know, I should never say that out loud!). Sorry Ashley...

Embracing the nibble tray as much as possible at lunchtime as it gets a sneaky way of introducing yet unknown foods onto Stanley's radar without freaking the child out and wasting a tonne of food. It also means I get to use up lots of bits from the fridge and nothing goes to waste. This week he managed to surprise me by eating the raw mushrooms I was cutting up to add to this soup recipe. Still likes to keep his Mama on her toes that boy! Hope you are all having some joy with your eaters. I'm hoping I can encourage some soup eating from Stanley now that we have most definitely entered Autumn and it is no Indian Summer for us this year that's for sure!

One of the nibble trays from this week is below. It still took him almost an hour to eat it, and we moved from high chair to the lounge table, but hey ho they was no stress involved which was good. He ate and played, and ate and played. I can't ask for more than that I don't think...

at the beginning

just before we moved to a new eating spot

what was left in the end

Oh and if any of you wouldn't mind taking a second to keep voting for us that'd be aces. We've dropped waaaaaay out of the top 50. It's not a big deal, just nice to see the votes taking effect when they do! Many thanks,
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  1. I really need to try the nibble tray, looks like it goes down well! Theo has been getting into his soup recently, and spooning it into his mouth himself, I'm very impressed!

    He's been a bit funny recently though, one day he will eat really well, and finish all three meals, and have snacks, then the next day hardly touch his food at all? On those days I panic and get stressed, but I guess he just is full up and doesn't need it. I think that I just need to trust him that he doesn't need it when he says he doesn't want the food? It's hard though isn't it, one week I think we've cracked it, then it all falls apart the next!


  2. Yay Stanley! Can't believe he went for the raw mushrooms! I've been meaning to try hummus again. Hoop liked it at one point but I stopped buying it because it went to waste too often. Willy was furious today... I was out and about with Van and apparently he went through four different meals and an hour and half of frustration to get him to eat. There are good days and there are bad days, a? I think the bad days are fewer and further in between but days like today make me question that...

  3. Great plating and AWESOME pictures! I think no child would refuse such a tasty-looking lunch.


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