I think we are doing a little better. In fact I guess I know we are. I never like to say in case things change, but hey, welcome to motherhood. These little tikes do like to keep you on your toes. Since the initial success of the nibble tray experiment over on Ashley's blog I am yet to repeat it, which is silly really as even though time wasn't on our side, eating definitely was! I will try it again for my next food post. In the mean time Stanley has had this range of meals over the last week. Most of which he ate, and the time where he didn't I remained calm about it. More than ever people are telling me he eats "so well", and you know what? I'm beginning to believe it!
scrambled egg, cucumber, marmite toast and smoked salmon

steamed veg, chicken in breadcrumbs and baked beans

eggy bread

banana and ready brek

homemade tomato and pesto sauce with pasta

chicken 'soup' (I had it as a soup, Stanley with less broth)

fish pie


  1. Wow that's a whole lotta clean bowls you got there! Go stanley! He's definitely eating well, hopefully with a bit less struggle? X

  2. Get a grip lady. He DOES eat well. Realy well. I'm sure Hooper does too. We're just crazy.

  3. Look at all those empty plates! India is still awful! I'm at the end of my tether....!


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