Just swinging in here (bahahahaha!) quickly to ask for your time to click a few buttons and cast a vote for me on TBB. I really appreciate it every time you think to do it. It really has helped to grow my little blog, find new readers and last time around we finished 56th out of 600 blogs which is pretty incredible really. I hope you enjoy coming here and reading about my life as an illustrator and as a Mum to Stanley, we love having you here and so "hello" to any new readers! Well they've re-set the counter and I would love to creep up the chart to as high as possible. Many thanks in advance and I promise not to bug you with "please vote for me" pleads too often! Just click the button on the left of my blog and then on the next page the owl on the left. Or you can click here.

♥ S & s

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