WORKSHOP {part two}

So the Brent workshops were a slightly different set up. They were about me and my latest children's book 'Batty',  creating a workshop around the book. These workshops are always fun, but are sometimes difficult to gauge as until you get there you never really know what type of audience you will get and how many children will turn up! I always go prepared with two workshops in mind, that way I feel I can take on what ever is thrown at me and hopefully everyone is happy - most importantly the kids and the council that has employed me!

This time is was a mixed bag with only a few children at the first library but loads at the second! It all went well though as the children (and parents/carers) were really enthusiastic. I love how they interpret my characters and re-draw them, it is fascinating to watch. Children of that age (4-7ish) always draw in such a care free way, I suppose the way we as illustrators are trying to capture, or hold onto. It is refreshing to watch and good for me to. I also feel renewed after a workshop, exhausted, but eager to get back into the studio.

The theme for the books this time was 'Batty at the Olympics'. Being from London they seemed particularly inspired and excited by the events on their doorstep. Many of them had seen the torch and loved the idea of the bat being at the Olympics competing in events and winning against other animals - such fun imaginations!

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  1. these are so lovely! Childred are so creative and I think its sad when they get to an age when they start to copy popular illustration styles (like sponge bob or something) and loose their imagination a little.
    It certainly is a skill to keep hold of it! I can see why they inspired you again they make me want to go off and draw too! :) xx


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