The garden is coming along pretty well. Despite all the rain that started to hold off ripening of apricot fruits, tomatoes and squash, the recent hot spell seems to have put right some of the wrong and all seems better. Perhaps we will have more success in the end than we thought. The only real problem is the slugs. Seriously they are HUGE! The wet humid weather has produced some sort of slug beasts I think at least double the size of what must be considered normal! I'm hearing rumours that due to the naff British weather, people at Summer Village Fete's are having a 'size of your slug' entry next to all the normal vegetable and fruit entries...wouldn't that be an idea! I'm just sure we would win that.....

Spotlight on the mange tout

Looking back down the garden in the evening sunshine

Our vegetable plot

Roof garden with squahes and tomatoes

Vegetable plot from above & little helper in the shed

First of the tomato crop & our first apricots from our tree!

The roof garden has been such a success that Ben is going to improve on it for next year. Our garden faces east, and although we do get some lovely morning sun flooding in, we really need south or west facing to get more sunshine. However the roof garden is baked in lovely sunshine not shaded by other houses or apple trees and the like, so the tomatoes have been very happy up there, and a little harder for the slugs to get at! Stanley has been enjoying the garden too. Helping to plant seeds and weed etc. I think next year he will really love it, when he starts to understand what he planted a few weeks ago has now popped up, and will soon turn into food for him! Roll on next Summer...

4 days left on the giveaway!

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