So some of you asked which bike seat and helmet I used for Stanley in one of my posts, and I had some enquiries on IG too....so I thought I'd expand a little here about why we chose the make we did. I was initially quite nervous about cycling with Stanley, I guess really in that Mum way about doing anything new with your child for the first time thing. Heck, I was even petrified the first time I put him in our baby bjorn carrier just to walk 20 yards to the post box to post a letter, I held onto the under side the whole way convinced he was going to fall through the bottom...hmmm, crazy right?! Anyway the cycling thing has been great this Summer. I'm not sure how we'll go when the winter weather arrives (I am a fair weather cycler for sure...) but for now it has been awesome. I really wanted a front seat, (my crazy Mum brain was still convinced if I put him on the back I'd reach my destination and he wouldn't be there. He would have just fallen right off without me knowing about it. Hmmmm, again.) Anyway the front seat felt right. I could chat to him along the way pointing out nice things like the sea, buses, shops, and doggies of course! We had a look on line and did some research and found that we liked this make the best. Of course it helped it came in an array of colours so I could match it to my bike! We have the Bobike mini+ which is suitable from 9 months - 3 years. You can buy extras like a windscreen (which I guess would also help with the swallowing of bugs?!) and ankle straps to hold little legs in place. We have neither of those yet, Stanley seems to love to swing his legs as we cycle along so I'm not worried about that. Maybe the windscreen will have to get once the weather changes.

It has been brilliant though. Stanley absolutely LOVES going in his seat. Every good weather chance we have been to cycle along the seafront with him. He has discovered my bell, and loves to ring it all the time as well as waving at people and passing cars. Completely hilarious!

It is pretty easy to fit to my style of bike, and fits on Ben's too. I do however think you need a bike with a long stem, or a more vintage/dutch style of bike otherwise the child's legs would struggle to fit between the handle bars. Stanley's helmet is called 'little nutty' by nutcase, it was a little big at first but fits him perfectly now. We have this one and bought it in XS. Perhaps in hindsight although it looks great, a different make would fit a smaller child's head better.

footnote: this is not a sponsored post. all research was carried about by myself, and all opinions on the bike seat and helmet are my own. i just like 'em, ok?!


Congratulations to Deborah! The dog is very happy to soon be on your kitchen wall...please email me your details so I can send him off as soon as possible!
Thank you so much for all your entries and lovely words. I'm working on a new series of 3 posters and so there will be another giveaway next month. Hoorah!!!

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  1. Your blog is so cute and I am going through a huge illustrating phase at the moment (not that I can do it myself, but I just love the style). I am now following you on Bloglovin' and look forward to seeing more of your worderful work and photography.


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