1. lounging with snacks and pen inked fingers. || 2. lounging, cat style. || 3. beautiful flowers from a lovely friend. || 4. Stanley sized portions. || 5. Hotel curtains and the olympics really ARE that exciting. || 6. Husband working at the Olympics, GO team GB! || 7. Amazing parcel came all the way from a sweet friend || 8. This face, makes my heart ache.


  1. That last photo is so beautiful. It makes me go "awwww" every time I look at it! x

  2. Oh my, does Stanley put those two fingers in his mouth too?? Hooper has been doing that since he was practically a newborn! Always on the left hand and always the same two fingers...

    Ashley @ The Stork and The Beanstalk

    1. No, I think this was a one off. He's not a finger/thumb sucker unfortunately... I think it would be great if he did though and could comfort himself that way! x

  3. That last photo makes my heart melt & my ovaries ache! x


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