Well it has been a long time coming. If I hadn't set this deadline on myself I can guarantee that this day probably would have been another few months coming...there is ALWAYS something else to do round the house. Whether it be the boring old washing up or playing with Stanley or my other book work, distractions here are plenty.

Anyway for most I guess it is no big deal. It seems with everything I'm late to join in. Story of my life hey! I see there are SO many Etsy shops - many of which are selling beautiful animal illustration prints for children's nurseries or art prints for who ever to enjoy. I almost felt for a while like there was no point opening the shop up. Why should I compete against already well established shops. Not only did that just sound silly and a bit 'poor me' but you lot all gave such positive feedback I thought what the hell, let's give this a go! So here I am testing it out on you guys first. I really appreciate the small group of followers I have on this blog and all the others that drop in from time to time so I hope you like what you see. I have a giveaway coming up in a week or so to mark the arrival of the A3 prints I'm currently having professionally digitally printed. When they are in the shop too I want to do a giveaway for one of you - my lovely readers to win!

So please if you get a minute pop on over to my shop for a visit. I am selling a mixture of digital prints from my illustrations and what I'm particularly excited about is selling my original book artwork from my children's books. I will be adding more lines as I go, hopefully greetings cards as well as other personalised goods like wedding stationery, baby announcements etc. Generally freeing up room in my plans chest, and making room for baby no2 when we decide to go down that route!

Make sure you pop in from time to time and see what's new. If any of you have any feedback or criticism with my shop I'd like to hear it - all will be helpful to me to make this a great success.

Thank you, ♥ S xoxo


  1. Just saw the shop before this post actually and it looks great! Definitely have my eye on one of the bears and letter topiary ! Hope it all goes well though!

    And ps so glad you mentioned you might be doing wedding stationary, was going to ask you about that at some point in the future!

  2. I love your shop, so glad you decided to open it! I love them all, and am definitely tempted by a topiary bear!

    Best of luck! X

  3. Brilliant! Good luck with your shop - I have one too and I love doing it. I know how much work it takes to set up but once the money starts rolling in and the plan chest starts emptying in you'll be very glad! Plus I don't think there can ever be too much childrens' illustration in the world. x

  4. Hi Sarah! Your shop looks beautiful - those draws will be empty in no time I'm sure! Good luck with it, I've sent you a message with a few tips I was given that I've found helpful. Hopefully they'll be of use to you!

  5. They are all so beautiful! I really want to buy them all. Hopefully some friends (or me) will have kids soon so I have an excuse to buy. Good luck with it, I'm sure it will be a huge success x

  6. I'm so glad you opened an Etsy shop Sarah! Am going to head over there now and put some things on a wishlist! Xx

  7. Love this. Your illustrations are beautiful, definitely on my favourites list xxx


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