mister S is the kind of little chap that gets very cross being down on the floor. he wants to be "UP" all the time at our level. if i'm doing anything at all work surface level he likes to be involved. this has led us to the dangerous territory of letting him sit on the kitchen work surface (exactly the sort of thing i swore i'd never let my child do) or at very best stand on a chair so he is the same height as me and can see what is going on. i don't blame him mind you. i hate being left out too. there might be something really good happening. and "hey! i want to be part of that!" is all he's really saying...

making fresh coffee
feeding betty cat 
grinding curry spices

making cakes
making cups of tea


  1. Aw, what a helpful little chap, do you rent him out?! :)

  2. I'm sure it does him more good to join in than it does him harm to sit on the worktop, and how could you refuse when you see that fascinated face?

  3. what a cutie!! :)


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