We are off! Well, just me and Stanley. We are going to see a friend for the weekend that lives in Antibes. I am so excited, but also nervous about the flight and how well stanley will adjust to his new {hot!} surroundings. I guess we will just have to see. He such a happy content little mister most of the time that I'm hoping he will take it all in his stride. I have taken flying tips from this blog and this one, and along with a new sticker book and some serious cheesy maize based snacks i'm hoping we will be ok! I have flown before with him by myself when he was just one - to Stockholm and back and that was ok. I have tried to time the flight with his nap too so i'm hoping my mama planning will pay off.... In a way though I guess you have to try these things. Go on little adventures now and then. It is a shame Ben can't come with us, but I am also excited (with an equal dose of fear!) for our little trip, me and him.

I've tried not to take too much. Yes, all that stuff is supposed to fit into that rucksack - I'm thinking I'll need to remove a few bits. I have everything I think I might need for Stanley, and probably more...and the absolute bare minimum for me! I'm hoping to borrow an awful lot off my lovely friend! So there you have it. Travelling light with toddler in tow. We have a buggy and that is it. Wish me luck people and see you on the other side!

See you when i'm back for hopefully a French 'Stanley Style'!

♥ S & s

footnote: Stanley's amazing new shades came from dinky vintage. I am seriously in love with that shop!

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  1. Ooh exciting! Hope you two have a lovely holiday adventure! I love the new blog look too, and CAN"T WAIT for your etsy shop to open! Enjoy the sun - bring some back with you! Emily


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