stanley seems to be very happy to draw, or see me draw. he always asks to draw at some point during the day. he makes a sign for it - like round and round scribbling in the air. he never actually asks for it by word. the ONLY place i allow drawing is on our coffee table. it is the right height for him to sit at and i buy paper that luckily fits it perfectly so there is no accidental slipping off. maybe i'm a control freak (i am) but it works this way and there is no drawing up walls etc! so this is how we do it....

signing to me that he wants to draw

clipped at one end...

and rolled up at the other.

this is him asking me to draw a rabbit. this is his rabbit 'face'. he doesn't say many animal names - just uses actions or noises to describe them. S mainly 'asks' me to draw things so he can colour them in. this ranges from all that he knows (and i can manage to draw. no horses please.) so we stick to animals and cars, fruit etc. he likes to use the same pencil directly after me. i find it fascinating that this is his way of drawing. i'm sure lots of children like doing it differently. in fact i'd really like to know if you fancy telling me in the comments below. i think as an illustrator i find it all the more interesting!

colouring in the rabbit


  1. I'm so jealous of the drawing! I've tried a few times with theo, with canyons, pencils and chalk but they all end up in his mouth and no drawing Is done! I don't know whether to wait until he stops putting everything in his mouth or just to persevere and try and show him how to draw and not eat!


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