it was late at night (hence the 'before' shots). the mister was watching football on tv. yawn. so i had an urge to do something constructive with my time in stead of being a lazy bones. and so i painted a pillar in our kitchen with blackboard paint. i'd wanted to for a while, to make notes and the like, but also for Stanley to draw on. maybe even giving me an extra five minutes of peace in the kitchen when washing up and cooking etc. and so in the words of frecklewonder prest-o! change-o! it was done. and rather pleased i am with it too.


  1. i love blackboard paint, we have it outside in our conservatory for harry to scribble all over. looks great in your kitchen.

    1. that sounds like a nice place for it! i was tempted to go mad and paint a bigger section...but i'll live with this bit for now and see ;)

  2. I've painted the back of our front door - lower half is for Jonah and top half is for last minute reminders to each other before we leave the house!

  3. Love this idea! I hope it works for you. I know how valuable a few extra minutes to cook freely can be!

  4. Ah you did it! Looks great and Stanners is obviously a fan! X


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