i'm not a big one on worrying much on development levels at certain ages. on when stanley can do something. like recently - well in the last week or so, he's only learnt to walk. i know there is no 'normal' as such and i'm really not a competitive mumma. i am however enjoying his language development though. i find it interesting on seeing what he picks up, what he remembers to the next day, and how he says things in his own little way. here's a little list of how we are doing so far. so lovely to be able to communicate a bit with him!

eeow - whenever he sees our cat or anything related to the cat.
bettesh - betty the cat
ome - home. he says this now when we get home, or even near. and he also says it when we go round my parents house or my in laws house. very sweet.
teesch - teeth
dadee - daddy
mumma - me!
up - for things that are up, or when he wants something to go back in it's correct place. this was his first word, and other than meow his favourite!
all - ball
oof oof - woof woof for all dog spotting
apple - apple. weirdly this is the one thing he's says 'properly'. and yet it's not really something i go round saying a lot?!!!

then of course there is all sorts of general screaming etc to get anything else he might want ;) but i'm enjoying working all these things out. it is sweet and nice to teach him new things.

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  1. You are a good mama and Stanley is so cute. Best wishes for you.


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