M.U.M 101

Recently i got tagged by Abigail on her blog about what I'd like to put in Room 101 as a mum. always happy to vent a little anger in a healthy way. i agree with abi's choices, they seem like normal gripes to me, happy for them to go into room 101 and here are my 3 to add to them!

1. "we did in my day and you/they/it were/was alright"quote. Yes I know. And we did all turn out fine. Mostly. And that is great, but this is MY child and I will do things the way I see best. And i'm sure they too will also turn out fine. Thank you for your advice but please mind your own business...!

2. parent and baby spaces. just because you have a baby seat in the car does NOT mean you can park in the mum and baby space. you have to actually have a child IN the seat to qualify. surely? my dirty looks are perfected on these people...

3. breast v. bottle. i was lucky breastfeeding came easy after the initial toe curling pain of the first few weeks and a couple of mastitis issues along the way. i enjoyed it, continued it for as long as i felt it was best for me and stanley and then stopped. lovely. however many of my friends cannot/could not breastfeed for different reasons. they wanted to. it hurts me to see them upset, thinking in someway they have failed. the last thing you need to see and hear is how flipping brilliant breast feeding is. leave people to their own choices and as long as they LOVE their baby that surely is the best thing in the world.

phew. that felt gooooooooooood!

Tigerlilyquinn if you're reading this you're next!


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