they are getting on much better. i think stanley is understanding betty doesn't enjoy the bashings. she does after all share many of the same features he has which he likes to point out (poke at)...eyes, ears and a nose...and heaven forbid - FOUR feet! lucky betty. plus he says 'eeow' to her. all. day. long. so really perhaps she does deserve a more gentle petting. it normally starts off pretty gentle. but perhaps gets up worked up to something that i would call a bash, not a stroke. still we are getting there...
i think it's important for stanley to understand and respect animals. and after all, poor old betty was here first! she is amazingly tolerant. they have been a few scratches, and to be honest, none that he didn't deserve...but still i worry about her getting his eyes so i have to watch them carefully. recently though it looked liked betty was giving some 'love' back!

footnote: it turned out it was just cupboard love. oh well, was nice while it lasted!

also, thank you for all the well wishes. it seems to have gone away and we are at last a totally well house, for now! a vote would complete the happy feeling! thank you so much xoxo

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  1. haha Theo is exactly the same with the 'patting' starts of gently then turns into a proper whack! and he's even started to do it to other children. he wants to stroke their hair, and it starts out as an affectionate pat, but then he starts patting harder...oh dear! I try and tell the mums it's just him being affectionate and I'm sorry, and most don't mind, but it looks pretty bad!

    I think our cat is becoming a little more tolerant of him, but Theo is still obsessed with her! I hope they both figure it out soon!

  2. oh babies + cats are the best combination. And you have two of the cutest!


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