his & HERS

we seemed to have turned a bit of a corner and stanley is exploring more food. he still puts a lot of things in his mouth chews for a while and the spits the whole lot out. he also manages to avoid everything veggie related unless it is combined with something else then he eats it happily. still, he is at least trying things and that is good. for now, no panic, i'm sure he'll come round eventually. i keep putting it on the plate in the hope he'll pick it up! we are a mainly veggie household so he'll have to jump on board sooner or later...although it seemed a fishy week this week!

on the menu this week...
sweet potato falafels, avocado, humous, pitta, tomatoes and carrot sticks
cod with roasted vegetable sauce & new potatoes
fish fingers with broccoli, carrots and new potatoes
roasted squash, vegetable fingers and homemade organic chicken burgers
cod & salmon fish pie with a cheesy potato top

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