by no means am i a doctor. or know any more than what my mum would have done for me if i was ill. but in this house at the moment this is what stanley is having. he hasn't eaten much since sunday night. and what he has wanted has been very plain. he's been drinking lots of fluids. water and some juice diluted down...a little sugar for energy i hope. he seems a bit better this morning. so i might branch out into a banana perhaps, or some plain rice. we will see how it goes. i don't like to take him to the doctors at the drop of a hat. and i think as he actually hasn't been sick since sunday night he is on the mend. a friend said to stay away from milk, and although he is desperate for it, we have so far managed... hoping he is better soon, although i am relishing the extra attention and all the hugs he's desperate for.

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  1. I'm so sorry for Stanley. I hope he feels better very soon!


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