i  L O V E  london.
i really miss it sometimes. not now i have a baby so much though. it is somewhere i personally didn't want to bring up my child. my family all live in brighton and for me it was a no brainer to move 'home' and be near them. i use to live in dalston and it was a fun place to be....happy times in my youth!

for now though i get to visit occasionally when i visit for a meeting or to drop off book artwork etc. i love walking across the bridge from waterloo to embankmant. my favourite journey. no matter if it's a grey old day like it was last thursday... i had a meeting in town. hopefully for something exciting. i can't say what, and i've probably just jinxed the damn thing now...but hey ho....it was worth it to get this glorious picture in of my favourite city in the whole world.

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