hello. so sorry for the lack of blogging recently. very unfair to ask you to vote for me every day when i don't keep up my side of the bargain! anyway i'm back to it. so if you could clicky click for me that'd be great. i'm mid 100 and something......so thank you so very much!

last week me and stanley flew to stockholm to visit one of my very best friends that lives out there. she is swedish so it's fair enough she lives there but i miss her so much. we were pregnant at the same time and our boys are 6 weeks apart but they could have been so much closer in age if she wasn't early and me late! it was a lovely trip and i survived it! flying my myself with a baby on my lap - which at times felt like travelling with a small dog on my lap...wriggle wriggle! felt good to achieve it though. i was very proud of me and him. we were like a little team together and i loved it.

i did pick the flight times to fit round his naps/sleep and it seemed to work. he slept for an hour on the way out so all good there. then on the way home he slept the whole way until he woke just as we began the decent and SCREAMED BLUE MURDER the whole way down. i think his ears were really hurting him but i couldn't get him to sip water/drink milk/take a dummy/play with a toy/eat anything or take his mind off it all all. poor lamb i tried everything but he was just so beside himself. i got a few dirty looks from other passengers. but hey no surprise there. i WAS trying to make him feel better obviously. so i just shot them one back. some people really enjoy making you feel even worse in an already bad situation. i assume they don't have kids?

the up side was that they have free wifi on board! amazing! i went instagram crazy! so exciting!

anyway it was a lovely holiday and so nice to see my friend and see the boys play together. they were so good. played well. had a few fisty cuffs over toys. but nothing major. all very cute. very sad to leave them both :(
hopefully we can visit again in the summer....


  1. Ah looks like you had a lovely time! Stockholm is a great city! Well done too for travelling on your own with the little one!

  2. I'm so jealous of your little trip away, sounds wonderful! I always get serious itchy feet at this time of year and just really want to pack my bags and go off on an adventure!
    And i would love to visit Stockholm again!

    but good to have you back!

  3. Your babies are adorable! And your dining room-the floor!


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