so hi i know i asked before and i'm asking again because they have reset the count on top baby blogs... i hope you have enjoyed reading my blog - certainly since i've been trying to blog more often, be more honest and generally put together some interesting posts! i feel sometimes like a jack of all trades, master of none. so am i a lifestyle blog.....eshhh how horrid is that phrase?!! an illustration blog, or baby blog? well i guess i'm all of these. i just try and write things that i'm doing, that i think other people are doing and hope people like to read about. i think it's difficult to work and bring up a baby. this blog helps keep me motivated and meet nice people like you! other mamas, illustrators, creatives and the like!

anyway if you like what you've been reading here please take a minute to vote for this blog and i'll keep up my side of the deal by trying to post interesting stuff! i won't ask again, i'll just leave the button on the left so you can click it every day or whenever you feel like. thanks so much.

just so you know what you've done so far has been amazing. you moved me up from like no 500 to 300 something and now i'm like 100 and something! so exciting. i know it shouldn't matter what flipping rank i am on that site, but it does. i'm like though though. just a teensy bit competitive!

love me, stanley and all my colouring in pencils!

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  1. Yey! this is brilliant news Sarah! I've tried to vote pretty much every day since you first told us about the magic button and I'm so pleased its paying off for my favourite blog! Look forward to reading more of your lovely posts soon -You and Stanley deserve to top the chart!

  2. @emily - thank you, that is very sweet x


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