you may have noticed the 'new' button on the left hand side of my blog. well if you could be sure to press it daily that'd be uh-mazing. you see the thing is i've really enjoyed updating my blog recently - making more effort with what i post so it might be interesting to those that stop by, and i've also been so touched that some of you have, and more than that, that you leave me a comment too to say so. it really is lovely. so it would be nice for me to have even more visitors, especially as i'm about to attempt to put some things into an etsy shop, and you know, now that i'm a stay at home mama it'd be great to earn a wee bit of cash ;-) if that sounds like i'm asking for money, i'm really not. just good old fashioned support!
so i won't bombard you with emails begging you to vote all the time and put it at the bottom of every flipping post. just asking the once pretty please if you could remember to hit that button once in a blue moon i'd be very grateful. thanks for reading, saying hello, and the support.
thanks so much :)
love sarah & stanley xxx

see. look how happy it makes him having you all here!


  1. Well if Stanley's going to smile like that we better keep reading - what a grin! :) I'm more than happy to vote (thanks for such great posts!) so will be sure to remember and getting clicking! Really look forward to seeing your etsy shop if you decide to go for it - its such an enjoyable way of generating a few extra pennies now and then and a fun community to be part of - Its nice keeping track of what else is out there and so inspiring too. The trick is to learn the power of the 'circle' early on! Happy etsying! Emily

  2. Hello Sarah,
    I love your blog and have voted! You should definetely set up an etsy :).
    Hannah x

  3. It would be great see your Etsy Shop!
    My finger is with you! :)

  4. @emily - thanks for the tip!

    all you others - thanks again for the support - once my book is finished at the end of the month, etsy is my next project! excited!


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