Things have been pretty busy round here lately. Seems like all I've been doing is working and neglecting poor Stanley. My deadline is up though and yesterday I took a trip to the big smoke and handed in my artwork for my new children's book to Bloomsbury.
All went well and now I have just the cover to complete....

As I can't give away more details until later in the year, I have included snippets of my spreads as a teaser for you. It's due to be published in Spring 2013 yes it does really take this long! 

Hopefully it'll do well at the Bologna Book Fair this March - it is always nice to see my work published in other languages.
Right. Back to being a mama for a while now. Drawing on hold and stacking bricks awaits!

Have good weekends. xxx

Thanks to bleubird for letting us share...


  1. oh i LOVE them all! can't wait to see the finished thing, spring 2013 is so far away!

  2. It looks fantastic from those little snippets you've posted. I love the way you draw animals!

  3. Congratulations on finishing the artwork Sarah - its always nice to meet a deadline. Its going to be a long year waiting to see the completed book, it looks FAB! Have a great weekend, I'm sure Stanley is delighted to have his mum's full attention once again!
    Emily X


  4. so beautiful! thanks for your comment on my blog, I wrote back! glad I found your work and look forward to your cloth nappy post! xx


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