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well hello. this will be a new (hopefully) regular post about what Stanley and i eat. i get in a bit of a rut with him sometimes...but now he is a year old and attempting to use his precious 4 and a half teeth he is getting braver about eating so i hope to have more joint meals together. i am sooooooo over pureeing everything!

i am constantly inspired by other mama blogs (particularly this one) and recipe websites for new ideas. we are a mainly veggie family (my husband is a vegetarian) and although neither stanley or myself are, we eat veggie more often than not. i think it gives more variety and makes me more adventouous. if we do eat meat is on a strictly local organic basis. so anyway stay tuned for our meal time posts. any tips on what you feed your little ones would be most welcome!

chicken and vegetable soup mashed a bit for stanley to handle the meat. olive oil and pepper to top mine off.

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  1. oh my- is that a very hungry caterpillar bowl?? adorable!


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